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Second Source

This painting is in a series of three, Primary Source, Second Source and Tertiary Source (another work in progress). They are all roughly 28 inches square with an almost three inch depth. Some call them box canvases, or gallery-wrapped edges, or masterpiece canvases. They normally are not framed, and simply… read more

Guest article by Carrie Spencer (the

Photo via Rawpixel A Rainy Weather Activity Guide for Families Stuck Inside   After a long, hot summer filled with outdoor fun, it can be tough for kids to adapt to days of poor weather. Parents are always on the lookout for ways to keep their kids active, entertained, and… read more

Current Works of 2020

I just felt compelled, and wanted to write an article about my different forms of art. Some may be wondering, 'Is he is an abstract painter, or mixed media sculptor with these other two things?' Well, I am an abstract artist, working with different mediums. My main passion is my… read more