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Current Works of 2020

I just felt compelled, and wanted to write an article about my different forms of art. Some may be wondering, 'Is he is an abstract painter, or mixed media sculptor with these other two things?' Well, I am an abstract artist, working with different mediums. My main passion is my… read more

‘Other Worlds’ and the story of plastic

Besides my abstract paintings, I also love sculpture.  I recognised that I had a need to create in three dimensions, after spending so much time working on a canvas, or other flat surface, in two dimensions. It fulfilled a need to build, to assemble, to construct. I've always loved cities,… read more

Evolutions Part I

                   I had 'gone dark' for a while, and it was good to be back in the world. I'd been in the studio for a very long time, largely cut off from social media, news, events, people, even the stream of life.… read more