Visual Psychotropics

by Bart Baird in Visual Psychotropics

   I’ve named this series Visual Psychotropics. The definition: affecting mental activity, behavior, or perception, as a mood-altering drug. In this case, the art as a psychotropic.

    This process involves many stages. Over the years, it has become a carefully planned, meticulous process, involving two or three colors of different viscosities, acrylic, in this case, intermixed by various forces. These forces are the ones found in nature, and the sometimes gentle, sometimes rigorous guiding of my hand. Thoughts govern the movements. There is a harmony to it, something poetic, with no words.   

   Standing in front of a finished piece and gazing into it for an extended period of time, you may walk away and notice that your surroundings look a little different, anything that is non-distinct or variegated looks a little more vivid. Clouds, nature, a slab of concrete, marble or granite, the textures of things may seem different. The brain is affected. The effect is intensified when tired, or upon awakening. An almost hallucinatory quality affects the field of vision for a short time. There is a biological explanation for it.

   Graduations of ambiguity and ambiguous imagery. There is a mind shift. The brain is tricked into seeing things. When there is an overload of unfamiliar visual stimulation, our eyes dart about. The brain smoothes things out when constructing what we see. Our visual system is too limited to tackle all that information that our eyes are taking in. And so, our minds take shortcuts. Similar to betting on the best horse in a race, our brain will choose the most likely interpretation of what we’re seeing. 


   Illusion occurs because there is just too much information hitting different parts of our retinas all at the same time. All this detail is sent to our visual cortex at once, and the resulting confusion tricks the brain into thinking that it’s seeing things in a field of seemingly random shapes. 

   There are new scientific studies that show that while gazing into a work of abstract art, parts of our brain associated with contemplation, reflection, consideration, planning (all forms of deep thinking)…are automatically triggered. It also affects our pleasure and reward system. 


   Abstract art sets the brain free from the rigidity of reality, making it easier for it to flow into its inner states. New emotional and cognitive connections are created. It has the ability to activate areas of the brain that are very difficult to reach and access. 


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Psychotropic only means anything that works upon the focal sensory system to alter cerebrum work. As far as virtuous conduct I don't know whether that is the situation among all people.
Both geometric abstraction and expressive reflection are regularly absolutely abstract. Among the very various art movements that exemplify incomplete reflection would be for example fauvism in which color is conspicuously and deliberately altered vis-a-vis reality.
The mind is some way or another influenced the impact is escalated when tired, or after arousing. A practically hallucinatory quality influences the field of vision for a brief span.
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Visual psychotropic is such an affecting material which has many beautiful aspects on the viewers. This kind of art is really unique which is difficult so only a few are concerned to this field which actually knows about it.

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