Current Works of 2020

by Bart Baird in Work in Progress

I just felt compelled, and wanted to write an article about my different forms of art. Some may be wondering, ‘Is he is an abstract painter, or mixed media sculptor with these other two things?’

Well, I am an abstract artist, working with different mediums. My main passion is my abstract paintings. And when I am working in two dimensions, I sometimes feel the need to work in three dimensions.

I go from phase to phase, working on one particular medium for a while and then switching to something else. Some days I will work on a canvas for a few hours, and then spend the next ten working on a sculpture. Other days it’s the other way around. Sometimes weeks on one, and then weeks on another.

I think it keeps my brain fluid and dynamic and in some way it enhances the work I do on the others. 

It is three main things…the abstract painting, the multimedia polycarbonate sculptures, and the polished metal sculptures. They’re variations of a theme. They all give an amount of satisfaction equal to feeling like I’ve the diversity that I need.

Photography, digital art, pen and ink, figurative sculpture, oil landscapes, portraits, seascapes, knife painting, still life, jewellery making, sketching and drawing, design, writing…most of these are things I also love, and am pretty good at, but have don’t give much time to…in order to work on the main things, the three things mentioned.

As far as these metal sculptures, these ‘assemblages. I once looked around at my surroundings, and wanted t o some new, interesting decor. I believe our immediate environment affects us. And so, to have objets of interest and beauty, is part of great decor, I think.

I wanted something elegant, sophisticated. I had been working with the black polycarbonate sculptures (which fulfils my inner nerd with my love of science fiction and futuristic and/or alien cities), the industrial aesthetic, building things, re-purposing things, etc.) and I needed to create something refreshing, cleaner, simpler. 

It began with an obsession for chrome. I’ve always marvelled at it, since childhood. I think as human beings, we are drawn to bright, shiny objects. Look at diamonds, gems and jewellery, and all the ‘bling’ of modern society.

Whatever the case, I just felt like I needed to make them. It’s a large part of the motivation for all my art. and is at times more of feeling compelled.

What I like, and see over time, is that the art that is always fresh for your viewing, that is always eye-catching and remarkable. And that’s what I wanted in the beginning.

Also, a familiarity forms between me and a lot of these pieces. They take my mind away, when looking at them, and into a different feeling, almost a small vacation for the eyes in the middle of the day. A complex piece of art can definitely transport the mind.

So now after years, I’ve amassed a few dozen pieces. Most I thought I would never want to part with. But that’s counterproductive. I found out it is actually a thing, a working artist paradox, really. But I’ve realised I do want to share my work, and in general to share with the world. So despite all the risks, I am doing it. 

Thank you to all who support my work, and have stuck with me through my 70 week Facebook blackout, and pretty much all social media. The break was good, and after a lot of changes in my life and work, both inner and outer, I am in a better place than I’ve ever been.

…and thanks to Drew from Skinny Artist, for a great article (link below). Great website, too!

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