7 3/4""x5'" brass, chrome, nickel and granite
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Description of Arcadia

There’s something about the highly polished, mirror-like curves reacting to light, and bouncing off the adjacent pieces. The light refraction, and the glow that sometimes emanates from within (if the lighting is just right) is pretty amazing. Placed in direct sunlight (I’ll get a photo of that)…it’s indescribably bright, flickering like a radiant jewel, bright, and undeniable. It just dominates your viewing field, no matter what the setting. They look good in low light as well. Or, if you have different coloured lighting, it’s picked up and reflected by the pieces.

These mixed media sculptures are made from various metal adornments, miscellaneous parts from different industries, some cut, built, shaped, polished, arranged and finally firmly adhered in place. It takes me an incredible amount of time to design and construct them. Maybe it is simply that it requires time. The design phase is usually a couple of years, as over time the components are rearranged, edited, pieces added or taken away, until I feel like nothing more can be done, nothing more can be edited. When replacing elements repeatedly, and placing them in the same locations, eventually I realise that nothing more can be done. The whole piece seems to eventually come together as intended. Very hard to explain. It’s almost like an outside force dictates the final outcome. Or maybe it’s just intuition, or that at some point I am absolutely pleased, satisfied aesthetically, I’m not sure. But the inspiration is there, and the compulsion to create. I originally just had a need to make real what I envisioned, and could not find to purchase. So I made them myself, to enhance and add as decor to my personal space, whether that’s my office, studio or living room. Over time I kept acquiring and making components, and making more and more of them. Currently I have several where the design is complete, and they just need to be put on a base. I like the way they look on black granite, even though they do look good on wood, one-inch thick aluminium plate, mirrored bases, white marble, etc. I still try to think of different materials.

Overall, I realise it is a very strange and obscure skill set to develop, but after working with this medium for seven years, and with this process…I do feel like I am improving and the art-form is evolving, and becoming better. The results are higher quality, and refinement. I am in the process of completing some very exciting pieces.



,,,more info and photos at: nathansterlingstudios.com

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