BART BAIRD                                                                                                          

   Bart has always been a serious person. People have always said that about him. I guess it’s just one of those things. He has a lighter side, and a good sense of humor, rarely high strung or angry, just serious. He has an intense fervor for life, very visually inclined and a very sharp interest in creating. This is most true when it comes to his abstract art.
As a lifelong artist, he started painting when he was five. He’s worked with many different mediums but have a preference for non-representational abstract painting. Inspiration is drawn from the aesthetics of the natural world, specifically the chaos and the natural forces in nature. Chaos Theory, the processes of time and erosion, mixtures of elements, things that are irregular and complex.
   In his art is the story of that fascination and some figments of his dreams. Added to it are his emotions and passion for shape, color, and hue. He aims to give the viewer the value of a work of art that has many hours of meticulous work put into it, is extremely detailed, intricate, and can be looked over and into with new things discovered each time. It can be used for mystical contemplation, speculation, or just for gazing. The experience is similar to looking at clouds or staring into the embers of a fire, finding shapes that resemble things. He strives to create paintings that propagate the mind’s tendency to construct images from a complex, chaotic assemblage.
   His creative process is a long and diverse one, involving planned, meticulous stages. It involves two or three colors of different viscosities, acrylic, in this case, intermixed by various forces. These forces are ones found in nature, and the sometimes gentle, sometimes rigorous guiding of his hand. Thoughts govern the movements. There is a harmony to it, It is something poetic hard to articulate. 

  He explores cohesive and adhesive forces at work, surface tension, various viscosities, thermal energy (pressure,) gravity, capillary action, air pressure, water pressure,saturation and the physical manipulation of various brushes, sponges, palette knives and other tools. He says there are so many procedures yet to discover. He continues to experiment as he begins other series.