Evolutions is beyond description…description beyond words alone.

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Evolutions Part I

                   I had ‘gone dark’ for a while, and it was good to be back in the world. I’d been in the studio for a very long time, largely cut off from social media, news, events, people, even the stream of life. I had profound realizations, and… read more

Backstory – part two

 Part II His story as an artist began over forty-two years ago. It has culminated to this point where it has reached its most vivid, vital role and reaches deeper into the roots of his soul than ever before. He feels an extreme connection to what he does and feels that the universe works through us,… read more

Backstory – part one

Part I      Bart is an abstract artist. His need to create is because of the need to bring something new into the world, that once did not exist, something that is now is a part of this world, tangible, full of color, intricacy, intrigue, beauty. And it is an extension of him. It… read more