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Here is examples of the process, of my abstract art. You can see how the paintings start out as a menagerie of paint splatters (strategically done…somewhat) and progress through the different stages of development.

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Current Works of 2020

Current Works of 2020

I just felt compelled, and wanted to write an article about my different forms of art. Some may be wondering, ‘Is he is an abstract painter, or mixed media sculptor with these other two things?’ Well, I am an abstract artist, working with different mediums. My main passion is my abstract paintings. And when I… read more

Commissioned work – Abstract Painting “In Hiding” work in progress.

Here are a few photos of my latest work. It is a commissioned piece, a 16 x 16 gallery wrapped canvas prepped with many layers of white gesso to smooth out the canvas cross stitching, which gives me the ability to create a lot more detail.               

Herald of a Golden Age – work in progress

 HERALD OF A GOLDEN AGE                                                  BART BAIRD 2016      Here is Herald of a Golden Age work in progress pics..                     … read more

Semblance of Autumn – work in progress

                     Semblance of Autumn was one of my most ambitious pieces. I spent a lot of time on this one, almost a mad obsession.         I started with a somewhat calculated splattering of blue, and then the red, and finally the yellow. Working primary colors… read more

Harbinger – work in progress

   Harbinger, one of my most viewed of my artworks, is also one of my personal favorites. Everything went smooth, and it was the first painting that I took a few photos of the work in progress. …the piece took several hours to produce. Like all my pieces, it took an enormous amount of work… read more